Heading Boscastle

 Updated 06-10-16


Like any charity relying on volunteers and donations Boscastle′s Coastwatch station is always in need of funds. Coastwatch stations like the Lookout on the Willapark headland need maintenance and equipment for watchkeepers to perform their vital role looking out for potters, pleasure craft, commercial shipping, kayakers, surfers, swimmers, walkers and liaising with the emergency services. In the past most fundraising has come from street collections and collection tins scattered around shops, cafes & pubs. But the station wanted to go further by hosting some events that locals and visitors could enjoy.

The first of these is a photography competition leading up to an auction of the winners.
here can be no doubt that the Boscastle station is in an idyllic location and has some stunning views. And it can be the perfect time to capture an atmospheric photo when watchkeepers are going on or off duty at dawn, dusk & midday (but never while on watch!). So the watchkeepers were asked to submit their best photos to a judging panel to see which were the best. Choosing the best photos from all of the entries was not easy but, after much consultation between the judges, 12 were chosen as winners. In the last two weeks of March these stunning photos will be on display in the main bar area of Boscastle′s Wellington Hotel for locals and visitors to appreciate them over a drink or meal. And then on the evening of Monday, 30th March, each of these photos will be auctioned to the highest bidder at a special Coastwatch Evening at the Wellington ­ with all proceeds going to Coastwatch.

It should be a thoroughly enjoyable evening and a great way for the winning bidders to help a very worthwhile charity and get a very special photo to hang on the wall in return.

Boscastle lookout Station

Boscastle lookout Station (Not a competition photo)