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Boscastle Blowhole Heading The Boscastle Everest Cycling Challenge: Mount Everest, in the Himalayas is, at 8,848 metres, Earth’s highest mountain above sea level. Daniel Benford and his team surpassed this height, cycling 160 miles on a hot August day. For the full story see inside, page 10 Do you recognize this sylvan glade? If not, turn to page 22 to discover its location and read all about the plans to preserve and enhance this beautiful, historic place.

Apologies to compiler, Steve, and all keen puzzlers
In my rush to get the Blowhole finished, I left the Autumn clues in the grid for the crossword.
Here are the missing winter clues:

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Boscastle WI ...... news and events.

Also of interest is the  Cornwall Countryside events  please give time to load:

Also available to pick-up from the Boscastle Visitor centre plus other activities