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The National Trust has a major interest in and around Boscastle owning over 300 acres of land including the harbour, river, access roads, bridge, several buildings and parts of the Valency Valley.



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A project by Cornwall County Council’s Historic Environment Service is supporting repair and reinstatement work in Boscastle. The project, jointly supported by the National Trust, English Heritage and North Cornwall District Council, is providing detailed information on the town’s historic environment to guide practical action. It is particularly aimed at helping both local residents and agencies to maintain and enhance Boscastle’s distinctive character, itself the direct result of its unique history and setting.
In addition to providing information and advice for rebuilding work, the project is also aimed at recording information revealed in the course of repairs; for example, features revealed by new service trenches or when plaster is removed or floors lifted. Photographs, drawings and surveys will be undertaken wherever access can be gained without inconvenience.
The information gained will add to our understanding of how Boscastle has developed and changed over time and will be available in the future for education and community interest. It is intended that the project as a whole should contribute significantly to long-term conservation planning for Boscastle.

To find out more contact:
Graeme Kirkham or Peter Herring at the Historic Environment Service, tel 01872 322360
  Email: hes@cornwall.gov.uk

Jeff Cherrington, National Trust, at the National Trust shop in the Harbour, tel 01288 331372

Tree Management in the River Valency Valley and on the Valency's tributaries

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Please remember that advice on planning, and on building design and materials for Listed buildings. Even if your building is not Listed, it is essential for the future appearance of the village to ensure the use of appropriate design and materials in any repairs. The Trust may be able to help with advice if this is required.

Further Information and contacts:

Phone: Jeff Cherrington, Assistant Property Manager, 01288 331372

National Trust shop, Boscastle 01840 250353 (with answerphone)


Write: National Trust, The Harbour, Boscastle PL35 0HD

Information by kind permission of The National Trust

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