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Draft Minutes

MINUTES: 24th February 2005. Page 28/04

A meeting of the above named Council, convened by the Chairman, was held in the Village Hall, on Thursday 24th February 2005, at 19 00hrs.

Present:Chairman Clr Findlay, Clrs Bannister, Hircock, Hancock, Smith, Venning, Brewer & Day. County Clr Brown.( 19.33hrs )

28.01 Apologies: Clr Parsons & Clr Arthan.

28.02 Mike Morrell , Boscastle NCWatch, explained that Harbour collections, in the past, had been 2days/week and 3months/year. They did not want to be a nuisance and sought FMPC guidance. Clr Smith proposed that they should continue as they had previously, seconded by Clr Brewer seven votes in favour, Clr Day did not vote. Resolved

28.03 Public participation: Sewage treatment progress Boscastle & Bossiney, SWWater smell abatement actions and Bude Rd closure for 3 weeks were all raised.

28.04 Minutes: for 27th January 2005 were approved.

28.05 Matters for Report: No reply to date Watervoice, NCDC toilets, CCC Highways- Merwells & D Johnson.

Write NTrust Hillsborough parking, NCDC block wall Docs. Corner,

Insurance � valley benches process.

War memorial action meeting, FMPC notice board repair/ renewal, Grass cutting tenders.

County Clr Brown joined the meeting.

Temporary Phone Masts Clr Bannister proposed that NCDC be asked to remove them, seconded by Clr Venning, 4 votes for & 4votes against, Chairmans casting vote against. Refused.

ROK sign at garage, Clr Bannister proposed asking NCDC to have it removed, seconded by Clr Venning, 4 votes in favour, 3 votes against and 1 abstention. Resolved.

28.06 Planning applications to be considered:

2005/ 00181 Erection of wood construction shed. Half Acre, Mt. Pleasant, for Miss C Vincent. Clr Smith proposed no objection, seconded by Clr Bannister, all in favour. Resolved.

2005/ 00217 Installation of 4 no. antennas, on existing telecom. Tower, together with erection of 3 no.associated cabinets, Forrabury Common for National Transcom Ltd. Clr Smith proposed no objection, seconded by Clr Findlay, 3 votes in favour, 4 votes against & 1 abstention. Refused. ( over development of site )

2005/00242 Listed Building Consent for repairs & refurbishment following flood damage/collapsed floors, includes proposed interior alterations. Formation of gallery & first floor over bar area in lieu of former flat ( staff accommodation ) Wellington Hotel, for Mr P Roberts. Clr Day proposed no objection, seconded by Clr Smith. All in favour. Resolved


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