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Councillor............................................ you are hereby summoned to:

A meeting of the above named Council, convened by the Chairman, will be held in Boscastle Village Hall, on Thursday 31" March 2005 at 19 00hrs.

Members of the Public are invited to attend.


1. Apologies.

2. Public Participation.

3. Receive & Confirm Minutes for 24th February & 16th March 2005.

4. Matters for report.

5. Planning applications to be considered.

2005/ 00428 Erection of storeroom extension. Village Hall, Gunpool lane,

for the Village Hall Committee.

2005/ 00585 Siting of residential caravan for key worker, Trevilla Park,

Slaughterbridge. for Direct Store Ltd.

6. Planning decisions received.

7. County Councillors report.

8. District Councillors report.

9. Chairmans report.

10. Tender approval for Urban & Valency (if required) Grass cutting.

11. BTRed phonebox relocation discussion.

12. Parking: On street / Park & Ride operation/ financing.

13. Lions Grant for Community Projects, update .

14. Playing Field / Childrens Playground. School requests.

15. Environment Agency / CCC Highways. Additional Jordan River Works.

16. S W Water : Sewage works location & Funding, date next meeting.

17. Correspondence: as listed with summary.

18. Donation requests: RWVS & N Cornwall Museum & Gallery.

19. Accounts: authorise payment of cheques as presented.

Bob Smith (Clerk)24th March 2005

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