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MINUTES: 6TH January 2005 Page 23/04

A meeting of the above named Council, convened by the Chairman, was held in the Community Centre, on Thursday 6th January 2005, at 1900hrs.
Present: Chairman Clr Findlay, Clrs Bannister, Hircock, Hancock, Smith, Venning, Parsons, Brewer, Arthan & Day. District Clr Comber.

23.01 Apologies: County Clr Brown & PC D Green.

23.02 Public participation: A plea not to forget the problems encountered higher up the valley, above Tubbs Ground, was made. Excessive water from tributaries and blocked road drains should be taken into account.

23.03 Minutes: for 25th November & 15th December were approvd & signed.

23.04 Regeneration meetings: Clr Bannister said there was a feeling that less & less was being achieved at these meetings and that a local working party could provide more input. Clr Findlay said it is imperative that everyone takes the time to thoroughly read the newsletters , because most of the information is available. ( NCDC letter No 2 , December 2004, is the most recent ). The next meeting is on Friday 21st January 2005. Clr Brewer suggested that councillors await the Environment Agency report of 12/1/05 before commenting further. e

23.05 Planning Applications: None.

23.06 Planning decisions: None.

23.07 County Councillors Report: A reminder that Highways will start on the Polqueens wall strengthening on Monday 10/1/05.

23.08 District Councillors Report: Clr Comber reported that although progress was frustratingly slow, agencies were starting to work more closely together, with the Steering Group and NCDC staff making enormous efforts. It would be quite wrong to make decisions until after E Agency report on 12/1/05 & site planning meetings on 14/1/05. These site meetings are totally open to any interested person. Clr Comber can be contacted on 01840 230497.

23.09 Chairmans Report: Clr Findlay explained that all councillors would need to seek dispensation through the code of conduct, if they were to vote at any time on proposals effecting the Village Hall. Letters were presented and signed by all councillors. Clerk will forward to NCDC legal dept.
Suggestions that FMPC should apply for ( Project Leader ) funds from the main North Cornwall Fund, were defeated by a majority of members, except Clr Findlay, who declared an interest, as a trustee, and did not vote.
The Boscastle Traders Group has some 32 paid up members. Clr Arthan proposed that they be asked for membership details, seconded by Clr Bannister. 3 votes in favour, 7 votes against Refused.

  • War Memorial Grant information is being sent to FMPC.
  • Flood Risk Assessments - awaiting E Agency meeting.
  • North Cornwall Fund will stop seeking funds from 31/01/05 although monies can still be received.
  • Minster Farm occupation ? Clr Comber will mention to Planning Enforcement.

24.01 South West Water CCC Planning application was withdrawn on 14th Dec.
Working party have given K Field a list preferred options.

24.02 Correspondence: Coach Parking Consultation moved to next meeting.

Clr Bannister e-mail : Tubbs Ground electricity poles � check with planning.

ROK � Clerk to write re- removal of unnecessary adverts/barriers.

Bridge Garage � development. Clerk to seek Planning clarification.

Toilets NCDC to be questioned on removal in harbour.

FMPC Minutes to Web site Clerk will seek help from Clr Bannister.

M.Goreham tree excessive pruning � Clr Smith proposed writing to CCC Highways asking for the appropriate action to be taken, seconded by Clr Bannister, all in favour. Resolved.

S Nicholls Tsunami donation suggestion � legalities to be checked by Clerk.

24.03 Accounts: were presented & cheques drawn to the value of �193.35.

No further business Chairman closed the meeting at 21.01 hrs.

Bob Smith ( Clerk )                                          Signed Chairman����


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