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MINUTES: 10TH AUGUST 2006.                                                 Page 11 / 06.

 A Planning meeting of the above named Council, convened by the Chairman was held in Boscastle Community Centre on Thursday 10th August 2006. at 19 00 hrs.

Present:  Chairman Clr Bannister, Clrs Hircock, Parsons, Venning, Hancock, Smith, Day, Arthan & Findlay.

Apologies:   Clr Brewer.

Public Participation: Lower bridge design, Alternative culvert  schemes, Flood flow mathematics & Jordan old /new culvert works at Marine Terrace were all raised.

11.01            Planning Applications to be considered:

2006/01442&01443 Erection of replacement bridge to carry private road & coastal footpath(permissive) over River Valency as an integral part of flood defence measures for Boscastle, work to abutments & connections to existing road, Lower bridge for E Agency.     L B Consent for demolition of existing lower bridge & reinstatement of river bank as part of comprehensive scheme of fluvial flood defences for Boscastle, E Agency & N C D Council.

Clr Venning proposed that both applications be considered together and that no objection be raised, seconded by Clr Findlay, all in favour. Resolved.

2006/ 01466 L B Consent to erect 22m of 1.1m high wall ( above garden) horizontally coursed mortared natural stone parapet. Quartz boulder coping above revetment wall of similar natural stone but vertically coursed & with dry joints ( flood defence improvements within curtilage of the building).

Otherworld, The Bridge, for Environment Agency.

Clr Parsons proposed no objection, seconded by Clr Venning, all in favour, Resolved.

2006/ 01467   L B Consent for flood defence improvements to south river frontage of Hotel. Includes natural stone parapet walls, raising of small patio area, improvements to windows, new access bridge to garden, relocation of flue outlet, infilling of existing disused drainage outlet & roof light to kitchen. Riverside Hotel, for the Environment Agency.  Clr Venning proposed no objection, but with walling to be similar to Otherworld works, seconded by Clr Parsons, all in favour, Resolved.

2006/01487   Lifting of condition 2. on decision notice E/72/250611 namely change of use to 12 months residential occupancy. Westerings, Boscastle. for Mr J A Wakelin. Clr Venning proposed refusal because the design & layout of buildings were unsuitable for permanent family accommodation, seconded by Clr Parsons, 7 votes in favour of refusal, 2 votes against, Refused.

No further business  Chairman closed the meeting at 19.55 hrs


Bob Smith ( Clerk )                                       Signed Chairman………….

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