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MINUTES; 23RD NOVEMBER 2006                                           Page 18/06

A meeting of the above named Council, convened by the Chairman, was held in the Village Hall on Thursday 23rd November 2006 at 19 00hrs.

Present:    Chairman Clr Bannister, Clrs Findlay, Venning, Hircock, Smith, Brewer, Parsons & Arthan.                County Clr Brown & District Clr Comber,

Apologies:  Clrs  Day & Hancock.

Public Participation : S W Water sewage embargo fight continues at a third level of management. Copy letters to NCDC.  Parish Council will write a letter of support. Parish Plans – Jessica Pytel will come to a meeting in the new year and explain again  Notice boards will be erected in the harbour area in the near future.   Additional car parking , pedestrian safety. Cornish Goodies toilet facilities, Bottreaux round table discussion with all parties could clear the way forward.

18.01              Environment Agency : will arrange a meeting, in conjunction with
Halcrow, to shown designs for new lower bridge. Date & Venue TBA.

18.02              Sewage Action Group :  Clr Arthan proposed reaffirmation of Minute
04.13 dated 27/5/2004 that a working party be formed to seek tertiary treatment from SWWater, seconded by Clr Smith, 5 votes in favour with 3  abstentions. Resolved.

18.03              Minutes for 26th October 2006 were approved  after amending minute
16.01 to read ‘ retracted by SWWater’.

18.04        Matters for report :  War memorial caretaker one quote received for £300 .
                Clr Parsons proposed acceptance, seconded by Clr Findlay all in favour.
                CCC Highways e mail is attached to minutes. Bus shelter, Clr Arthans
                Notice , fixed to the bus stop has already had one call of approval
                Blowhole article will follow.  Notice Board  T B A.  B T phone undercover
                Gateway area was thought to be best option. Post Box relocation not clear.
                Clerk will contact  Royal Mail to ascertain procedures if required.
                Blowhole will again seek views.

18.04              Planning applications to be considered :

2006/ 02011, 02012 & 02013  LBConsent for erection of external staircase & alterations to living accommodation, Cobweb Inn for Mr & Mrs Bright,  Clr Smith proposed acceptance, seconded by Clr Findlay, all in favour Resolved.

2006/02023  Installation of 1 No 300mm dish & 1 No 600mm dish on existing mast. Erection of 1 No cabinet at rear of cabin, Eastern Tubbs Ground for Airwave 02 Ltd.  Clr Hircock proposed refusal because of the proliferation of unsightly equipment in an area of outstanding natural beauty. seconded by Clr Arthan, seven votes in favour of refusal with one vote against. Refused.

2006/02059  Erection of first floor extension to rear of  dwelling, 1, Jordan Vale for Mr & Mrs D Scott.  Clr Parsons proposed no objection, seconded by Clr Hircock, all in favour. Resolved.

2006/02070  Change of use to café’, re-roofing, window alteration & erection of rear extension to Cornish Goodies, Harbour for National Trust. Clr Parsons  proposed no objection, subject to grave concerns over lack of toilet on premises also take-away trading should be prohibited. Seconded by Clr Hircock  all in favour. Resolved.

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2006/02058  LBConsent  for installation of gates at rear of property to replace single gate & wall destroyed during 2004 flood & subsequent works by Environment Agency  Morval Cottage, Old Rd for Mr J Lusby. Clr Parsons proposed no objection, seconded by Clr Findlay, six votes in favour with two against. Resolved.

2006/02087  L B Consent  to repair & re-build boundary wall partially damaged during 2004 flood. Morval Cottage, for Mr J Lusby.  Clr Findlay proposed no objection subject to slots being doubled in area.( railings would be a much better solution), seconded by Clr Venning, six votes in favour with two against. Resolved.

2006/ 02137  Outline Planning  to erect 1 No. detached dwelling, Corentin, Tintagel Rd. for Mr A Wood. Clr Brewer propose refusal because of over development o made up ground, visually intrusive historic site & sewage embargo not yet clarified., seconded by Clr Hircock all in favour Resolved.

19.01            Planning decisions received : 2006/01501, 01871, 01912,01749,01694,

01780,01443 all approved.    2006/01651  refused.

19.02            County Councillors report:  CCC Highways B 3263 closure / resurfacing
Trebyla Farm. Jan. 07, Exeter bus service now available & Local Govt. Reforms very big changes being discussed. May elections for only one year.

19.03            District Councillors report: NCDC still completing job evaluation exercise- Seven years protection.   Local Govt. changes – multi parish full time ?

19.04            Regeneration: Field above Penally Court will be used to tip soil until required. Possible future car-park. Main road & pedestrian traffic will need to be considered.  October 07 Festival planning necessary.  Ken Adams will be holding information surgery on one day/week in C Goodies shop. N Trust looking to provide more visitor signage, and also hold new year meetings to discuss Valency tree management schemes.

19.05            Playing Field: Clerk will arrange meeting with Football Club to ensure insurance cover for the field is complete.

19.06            Allotment: Clr Arthan will represent FMPC in talks with plot holders association.

19.07            Correspondence: listed with summary. Donation request for First Air Ambulance. Clr Parsons proposed £100 , seconded by Clr Arthan, all in favour. Resolved.

19.08            Accounts: Precept proposals were approved at £22 000 after amending 2nd 6month total to £1582 from£1528.  Accounts were then presented & cheques drawn. Clr Parsons proposed acceptance of precept & accounts, seconded by Clr Arthan. all in favour. Resolved.

19.09            Parish Councillors Allowances: were postponed until the next meeting.

No further business, Chairman closed the meeting at  22 00hrs.

 Bob Smith ( Clerk )                         Signed Chairman……………….. 

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