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  Draft Minutes

MINUTES:  24TH  AUGUST 2006                                            Page 12/06

 A meeting of the above named Council, convened by the Chairman, was held in the Village Hall on Thursday 24th August 2006.

 Present: Chairman Clr Bannister, Clrs Hircock, Findlay, Parsons, Hancock, Smith, Brewer, Venning,  Arthan & Day.      District Clr Comber.

Apologies:  County Clr Brown,

Public Participation:  Mainly adverse comments regarding the proposed development of  Bottreaux garage site. Design, number of dwellings, suitability for Conservation Area, dangerous site exit, sewage capacity, surface water & affordable homes of too high spec.  Harbour toilet provision & community radio possibilities.

12.01      Sewage Action Group    G King reported that Bossiney verdict was overdue
               SWW pumping station control room, noise & odour figures clarity required.

12.02            Minutes: for 27th July & 10th August 2006 were approved.

12.03            Matters for Report : Audit Return finalised with no amendments. Highways start at Paradise soon, broken manhole cover reported.  Bus shelter question in Blowhole.   Notice Board requires further study.

12.04            Planning Applications to be considered:

CCCouncil ref. NC 175(4)/ECB Town & Country Planning Act 1990. Control room for harbour pumping stations & storm pumping vent.  Land near Harbour Cottage, The Harbour, Boscastle PL35 0AD for S W Water.  Clr Parsons proposed acceptance in principle but highlighted concerns of odour, noise & vibration especially at night. Seconded by Clr Hircock, all in favour Resolved.

2006/01578 & 01579 Conservation Area Consent for demolition of existing sheds & erection of 15 new dwellings, including 2 affordable units, Bottreaux Garage, for Belsham Court Properties. Clr Smith proposed refusal because 1. Inappropriate design of dwellings in Conservation Area.

2. Dangerous access onto Highway with insufficient visibility. 3. Affordable homes need to be simplified. 4. High probability of flooding due to concentration of surface water. 5.  Sewage  main capacity restrictions. Seconded by Clr Bannister. 9 votes in favour of refusal. Refused. Clr Venning  declared an interest and did not  take part or vote.

2006/01574   L B Consent for removal of ceramic tiled 1950’s out of character fireplaces in living& dining rooms. Conserving original fireplaces/ bread ovens & fitting flexible liners to both chimneys to allow use. Fibreboard ceilings upstairs to be removed & replaced. 4, Penally  Terrace,
for Mr & Mrs Whitmarsh.  Clr Parsons proposed no objection, seconded by Clr Venning.  All in favour. Resolved.

12.05            District Councillors Report: 27/7 mins inclusion. Apologies for G Brown.

NCDC  staffing holidays.  Rubbish collection still giving problems.

12.06            Regeneration :  No meeting until 15/9/06.

12.07            Playing Field/ Playground.    Clr Findlay & Clerk met with Chris Key, contract is progressing well. Clr Findlay will attend next Boscastle AFC meeting to explain.

13.01            Allotment: Holders have now formed committee to deal with FMPC in
Administering the agreement. Need to hold initial meeting. Legalities for transfer are almost complete.

13.02            B T Red phone box. Clr Bannister, Jeff Cherrington & the Clerk had a site
Meeting with James Towill of BT.    New ideas / J C notes to follow.

13.03            Correspondence: as listed with summary.  Clerk to advertise for someone who can take over from Clr Day in tending the war memorial garden.

13.04            Accounts: were presented & cheques drawn after a proposal by Clr Parsons, seconded by Clr Hancock. All in favour. Resolved.

 No further business Chairman closed the meeting at 2050 hrs.


Bob Smith ( Clerk )                       Signed Chairman……………..

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