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MINUTES: 26th OCTOBER 2006                                             Page 16/06

 A meeting of the above named Council,  convened by the Chairman, was held in the Village Hall on Thursday 26th October 2006 at 19 00hrs. 

Present:  Chairman Clr Bannister, Clrs Hircock, Findlay, Parsons, Hancock, Smith, Venning, Brewer, Arthan & Day.     District Clr Comber

Apologies: County Clr Brown..

Public Participation: Bottreaux site planning dealings with Offwat & SWWater  re. sewage embargo, FMPC  letter of support agreed with some urgency before NCDC meeting.     Development opposite Trelawney, levels, exit safety, back filling & sewage considerations.  Sycamore tree Old Rd.  light, leaves & electrical cable obstruction – replace with three Rowans.   New information centre notice illumination not required.

16.01            Sewage Action Group: News letter No12  mistakes now retracted.  Plans to start talking again with S W Water.

16.02            Minutes : for 21st & 28th September 2006 were approved.

16.03            Matters for Report: War Memorial caretaker –no quotes received. Possible contacts to be approached.  CCC -  still awaiting response to request for meeting & repair to Paradise drain cover.  Blowhole article re. bus shelter requirements. Notice board still in programme. Old Rd closure consultation.

16.04            Planning Applications to be considered:

2006/01871  Harbour Restaurant replacement windows retrospective for National Trust. Clr Venning proposed acceptance, seconded by Clr Arthan, all in favour. Resolved.

2006/01903  Pencliffe, Old Rd.To fell one Sycamore tree, covered by Tree Preservation Order for Ms K Godwin. Clr Findlay proposed no objection, seconded by Clr Day, all in favour. Resolved.

2006/01912  Trevilla Park, Slaughterbridge, prior notification for erection of agricultural building, for Mrs R Risdon. 7days response too little. Clerk to consult Chairman, Vice-Chairman & another Councillor for phone response if required.

2006/01910  Land opposite Trelawney House,  erection of detached dwelling, for Mr C Edwards. Clr Parsons proposed refusal because of unresolved sewage problems, back land development, over development in Conservation Area, unsafe access & front wall damage. Seconded by Clr Hircock, all in favour Resolved.

2006/01971 Installation of slate signage & illuminated oak display cabinet. Boscastle Visitor Centre, Harbour, for NCDCouncil. Clr Parsons proposed acceptance, but that illumination was unnecessary, seconded by Clr Day, all in favour. Resolved.

2006/02007 L B Consent for removal of all asbestos/master board lining, repair/replace rotten woodwork, create DPM to prevent further damage due to damp together with re-wiring entire building & replace central heating boiler with combi boiler & resite under stairs, 2, Penally Terrace, for R&M Parsons. Clr Hircock & Clr Venning declared a prejudicial interest & left the meeting. Clr Findlay proposed no objection, seconded by Clr Hancock, all in favour. Resolved.

MINUTES: 26TH OCTOBER  2006.                                Page  17/06…

 17.01     Planning decisions received:  NC 175(4)/ECB, 2006/01319

2006/01320, 2006/01442, 2006/01466, 2006/01467 & 2006/01574 all approved.

                17.02     County Councillors report:   None.

 17.03     District Councillors  report: NCDC job evaluation exercise is

               taking place and is naturally unsettling for all staff.

17.04          Regeneration: next meeting to be held on Friday 27th 2006. 

Lower harbour positive vibes from local press.  Tintagel meeting to introduce all contractors was excellent .Clrs Bannister,  Findlay & the Clerk attended on behalf of FMPC.

17.05          Playing Field / Playground: Field is now let legally to FMPC, it is important that Insurance cover is understood by all interested parties. Meeting to be arranged with Football Club as soon as possible.

17.06          Allotment: Now legally belongs to FMPC. Clr Day will ask plot holders to register with Parish Council. Plaque commemorating gift to be costed with suitable site selected.

17.07          BT telephone:  decision on site & type to be conveyed to James Towill .

17.08          Correspondence: Listed with summary.  Forrabury& Minster P CC  donation request for help with cost of grass cutting, Clr Parsons declared a personal interest and took no part. Clr Venning proposed giving £1000, seconded by Clr Hircock all remaining in favour. Resolved.

17.09          Accounts: were presented & cheques drawn after a proposal by Clr Parsons, seconded by Clr Findlay , all in favour Resolved.

Councillors were given a copy of the Parish Council accounts reconciliation for the half year ended 30th September 2006.

17.10          Cornwall Parish Council’s Allowances: agreed to copy every Councillor & discuss at November meeting. 

No further business, Chairman closed the meeting at 2110hrs.

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