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 Draft Minutes

MINUTES: 27TH APRIL 2006. Page 01/06

A meeting of the above named Council, convened by the Chairman, was held in the Village Hall on Thursday 27th April 2006. at 19 00hrs.

Present: Chairman Clr Bannister, Clrs Hircock, Findlay, Hancock, Smith, Venning, Parsons, Arthan & Day. Co. Clr Brown ( 19 34hrs )

Apologies: Clr Brewer & Dist. Clr Comber.

Public Participation: None – this meeting followed by Parish Meeting.

Sewage Action Group / G King: Bossiney hearing result unknown. CCC barrister not effective, possible need to brief own solicitor & make allowance for funding. NT position misrepresented , clarification letter passed to inspector. SW Water new rep. unknown , letter requesting meeting to be sent, along with New Mills site?. Peter Steege reported two similar sites visited with the inspector- both were very smelly. Chairman thanked those reporting for their efforts.

01.01  Minutes : for 30th March 2006. were approved.

01.02   Matters for Report: Bus shelter statistics still awaited. CCC Highways visit of 26/4/06 was very productive for Paradise Rd west. Work to begin soon clearing out brambles & dead trees, completion in the autumn. Drain survey to be shown to FMPC. Regular monthly updates to be given. Clerk to seek written ruling re. Legality of Councillor contractors. Clr Bannister will discuss web-site with a view to giving more PC information.

01.03 Planning Applications for consideration.
 00583 L B Consent to rebuild hedgebank wall in garden with oak pedestrian gate. Frogapits, Old Rd. for Mr & Mrs Soar. Clr Findlay proposed no objection, seconded by Clr Hancock, 5 votes in favour & 4 votes against. Resolved.
 00651 Erection of extension to form new access to existing bedroom & ground floor breakfast room Jordan Mill, Old Rd. for Mr & Mrs Wacey. Clr Parsons proposed no objection, seconded by Clr Findlay. 8 votes in favour with 1 abstention. Resolved.
 00626 Change of use of agricultural building to form a three stable block within the building together with the erection of an extension to the roof to form a canopy, previously carried out without consent Artice Farm, Worthyvale, for Ms K Tutt & Mr T Bailey. Clr Hancock proposed no objection, seconded by Clr Venning, all in favour . Resolved.
 00667 LB Consent repairs to side steps & balustrade, alterations to sewage layout & north patio extension. Repoint walls, replace front steps & balustrade, take up & relay south patio, take down & rebuild dwarf wall between patio & car park, Replace waterwheel timbers, Old Mill, Old Rd. for Mr J Collins. Clr Venning proposed no objection, seconded by Clr Parsons, all in favour Resolved.
 00781 LB Consent for provision of metal railings to perimeter of existing patio adjacent to Old Mill, Old Rd. for Environment Agency SW Region. Clr Findlay proposed this application should be taken & that no objection be raised, seconded by Clr Arthan, all in favour. Resolved.
LB Consent for repair of roadside garden wall 1, Marine Terrace. For Mrs G Baker. Clr Parsons proposed that this application should be considered & no objection raised, seconded by Clr Findlay, all in favour. Resolved.
 Planning decisions received: 2005/00727 appeal dismissed. 2006/00251 & 00143 approved.

02.01 Allotment gift: Chris Key letter read out. Clr Venning proposed acceptance , seconded by Clr Hancock. Clr Day declared an interest & took no further part, 7 votes in favour with one abstention. Resolved.
 A suggestion that further information on costings should be forth coming, before proceeding, was agreed by all Councillors.
02.02 Regeneration report: Clr Findlay reported that a further exhibition will take place in June to show EA & NCDC latest proposals. Winter alleviation working should be expected. Three quotes for playground equipment are being sought,
02.03 Victim Support; donation request. Clr Findlay proposed giving £50.00, seconded by Clr Hircock, all in favour. Resolved.
02.04 County Councillors report. Held over to Parish Meeting.
02.05 District Councillors report: None,

Meeting adjourned until after completion of Parish Meeting. 19 55hrs.
Meeting reconvened at 2125hrs.

02.06 Annual Audit Return: Internal audit completed satisfactorily. Clr Parsons proposed approval of these accounts, seconded by Clr Findlay, all in favour. Resolved.
02.07 Correspondence: summarised and listed separately.
02.08 Accounts: were presented & cheques drawn after a proposal by Clr Venning, seconded by Clr Parsons, all in favour. Resolved.

No further business Chairman closed the meeting at 20 35hrs.

Bob Smith ) Clerk)
Signed Chairman……………..

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