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 Draft Minutes

MINUTES: 27TH JULY 2006.                                   Page 09/06 

A meeting of the above named Council, convened by the Chairman, was held in the Village Hall on Thursday 27th July 2006 at 19 00hrs.

Present: Chairman Clr Bannister, Clrs Hircock, Findlay, Parsons, Hancock, Brewer, Smith & Day.

Apologies:  Clrs Venning & Arthan.      County Clr Brown.

Public Participation: was extended to give everyone the opportunity to speak on the two largest applications, namely Central & Lower Harbour & the Carpark.

Chris Green & Andrew Houghton of the Environment Agency and Ian Kemp from the National Trust were on hand to answer the many difficult questions arising from the far reaching proposals. A majority view was in favour of both projects,

09.01            Minutes: for 29th June & 20th July 2006 were approved.

09.02            Matters for report:  Notice board quotes of three materials were considered. Clr Findlay proposed  hardwood version at circa 1300, should be obtained, seconded by Clr Parsons, all in favour. Resolved.     CCC -Paradise Rd  broken drain cover to be reported.   Bus shelter site will be put to Blowhole readers in September edition.  Audit Annual Return is late.

09.03            Planning Applications to be considered:

2006/01320  Works to Valency River, bed lowering ,bank widening& section of road lowering. Scope includes other minor flood defences.

Central & Lower harbour for the Environment Agency.

2006/01319   Reconstruction of carpark, raising levels to form flood defence, river channel to be widened to increase flow capacity. A widened section of river will be created upstream of car park to remove debris from flows. Carpark, Boscastle, for E Agency & NCDC  . Clr Smith proposed  acceptance of both schemes with Site Meeting being essential, seconded by Clr Parsons, all in favour Resolved.

 SWWater /CCC for Harbour Pumping Control Room. Was not confirmed.

 2006/01351   Change of use from gift shop to N Trust tea room serving beverages, soft drinks, sandwiches, cakes & biscuits etc for consumption within & off premises. Bridge House, Harbour for N Trust.   A         proposal by Clr Parsons to refuse the application, seconded by Clr Brewer was rejected by 5votes to 3.     Clr Findlay then proposed acceptance with the proviso that litter management should be rigorous, seconded by Clr Day,

5 votes in favour with  3 votes against. Resolved.

 2006/ 01357   Conversion of redundant stone barn to holiday accommodation  Trerosewill Farm, for Mr & Mrs Nicholls.. Clr Smith proposed that the application should be treated in the same way as the previous ( July 2005 ) attempt. namely no objection but questioning the boundary window. Seconded  by Clr Parsons, 6votes for, 1 abstention with Clr Hircock declaring an interest Resolved.

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