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MINUTES: 28TH SEPTEMBER 2006.                                         Page 15/06

 A meeting of the above named Council, convened by the Chairman, was held in the Village Hall, on Thursday 28th September 2006 at 19 00hrs.

 Present: Chairman Clr Bannister, Clrs Hircock, Findlay, Parsons, Brewer & Day. District Clr Comber.

Apologies:  Clrs Arthan, Hancock & Venning. Co. Clr Brown.

Public Participation: Sewage embargo for Bottreaux site was questioned along with problem of re-cycling bags that were left despite being obvious, Clr Comber will check both points.

15.01            Harbour Works Timetable:  Phil Barlow of the E Agency & Colin     

Mitchell of Carillion introduced some of their colleagues  and gave an over view of the construction tasks that were ahead.  Along with NCDC & SWWater all agencies will be trying to minimise disruption, but it will still be Messy & Noisey.  Carparking reduced by 50% until end March 2007, followed by possible park & ride scheme. Importance of programme proposals being available to whole community was stressed. Information boards, Notice Boards & News letters must keep everyone up to date. Site Supervisor & Liaison Manager to be available at all times.  Members of the public were able to ask particular questions and obtain some of the answers where the detail was known.        Clr Comber left the meeting at this point.

15.02            Sewage Action Group: G King reported that SWW were as elusive as ever.

Tintagel hearing due in early November.  Bossiney chased but no response.

15.03            Minutes: for 24th August 2006 were approved.

15.04            Matters for Report:  Clerk will arrange a meeting with CCC Highways. Notice for war memorial caretaker was agreed,

15.05            County Councillors Report: None,

15.06            District Councillors Report: None.

15.07            Regeneration update: K Field possible liaison. Mid October start/ news letter. Next meeting 24/11/06. Mug shots for notice boards?. Archive room – help with costs if down only to FMPC.

15.08            Playing Field/Playground:  Legal work almost complete. Need to seek authority in writing from N Trust to install playground.

15.09            Allotment: Group intentions sought. Possible objective one help with costs.

15.10            BT phone box. Jeff Cherrington comments noted. Clerk to check with James Towill if old style has modern internal layout.

15.11            Correspondence: as listed with summary. J Whitehouse £25.00 approved

Clerk to arrange meeting with CCC Surveyor.

15.12            Accounts : were presented & cheques drawn after proposal by Clr Parsons, seconded by Clr Findlay, all in favour.


No further business Chairman closed the meeting at 21 30 hrs


Bob Smith ( Clerk )              Signed Chairman……………….

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