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 Councillor……………………………………. You are hereby summoned to :

A Planning Meeting of the above named Council, convened by the Chairman will be held in the Boscastle Village Hall on Thursday 29th June 2006. at 19 00 hrs. Members of the Public are invited to attend.


1. Apologies
2. Public Participation.
3. Sewage Action Group report.
4. Receive & Confirm Minutes for 25thMay & 15th June 2006.
5. Matters for Report Bus shelter, Highways, Bowithick, Notice Board quote. Audit Return report.
6. Planning Applications if any
7. Planning decisions if any
8. County Clrs Report
9. District Clrs Report
10. Regeneration report on exhibition.
11. Sport Field / Play ground. N Trust agreement approval/ need for legal help?.
12. Allotment transfer progress report.
13. Traffic Plan/ Park & Ride effects.
14. CCC Rights of Way update.
15. Correspondence summarised & listed separately.
16. Accounts authorise payment of cheques presented.

Bob Smith ( Clerk ) 22nd June 2006.

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