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MINUTES: 2ND MARCH 2006. Page 28/05

 28.01 Regeneration / Objective One : Clerk reported that a separate bank account had been set up & that flood fund monies were now on deposit awaiting progress with the playground project. The NCDC letter from Bruce Tyzzer was approved. Clr Findlay proposed that the Parish Council should sign the partnership agreement at the next regen.meeting, seconded by Clr Brewer, all in favour. Resolved. Draft letter to N Trust seeking to end the Valency Field agreement & replace it with a Sports Field agreement was approved.

 28.02 Allotment land: Full details of Mrs Wilson’s proposed gift to the Parish Council were awaited from her solicitor. It is likely that FMPC will need to pay for some legal assistance. Clarification from District Auditor on rents together with allotment holder requirements is necessary.

 28.03 County Councillors Report; None

 28.04 District Councillors Report: see Public Participation above.

 28.05 Correspondence: summarised & listed separately. Donation request from Camelford TIC, Clr Parsons proposed £100, seconded by Clr Hircock. All in favour. Resolved.

 28.06 Accounts: were presented & cheques drawn after a proposal by Clr Parsons, seconded by Clr Findlay, all in favour. Resolved.

 28.07 NALC / Clerks Job Evaluation : In line with National Association of Local Council recommendations the Clerk gave councillors details of the Job Evaluation & Bench Marking exercise which was necessary. These proposals had been delayed and were back dated to apply from 1st April 2005. After the situation had been explained the Clerk left the meeting. Following councillors discussions, the meeting voted 5 to 4 in favour of setting the FMPC Clerks Job at Profile LC2 & Scale 29. ( including the Chairmans casting vote) NB..( next NALC award applies from 1/04/06 ). In a second vote councillors voted 5 to 3 in favour of increasing the Clerks allowance for using his home as an office by £25.00 per month .w.e.f 1/04/06.

No further business Chairman closed the meeting at 20 46hrs.

Bob Smith (Clerk)               Signed Chairman………………

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