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Councillor………………………………………..you are hereby summoned to :

 A meeting of the above named Council, convened by the Chairman, will be held in Boscastle Village Hall on Thursday 8th February 2007, at 19 00hrs.

Members of the Public are invited to attend. 


1.            Apologies

2.            Public Participation

3.            Sewage Action Group report.

4.            Receive & Confirm Minutes for 11th & 25th January 2007.

5.            Matters for Report:  Bus shelter update. Notice Board at Post Office report. Highways report. Harbour Phone box type ?.

6.            Planning applications to be considered: 2007/00086  Installation of 2x0.3m dish antenna on existing tower, 1x feeder gantry, 1xgas bottle enclosure 1x emergency standby generator. Forrabury Common for Arqiva.

2007/00087  Internal alterations & the erection of a block built shed.    4A , Penally Terrace  for Mr & Mrs G Murphy.      

2007/00088     L B Consent for internal alterations plus the erection of block built shed.    4A , Penally Terrace  for Mr & Mrs G Murphy.

2007/00174   Erection of dwelling  Land at Comfrey Patch, Penally Hill. for  L Jordan.            2007/00188    Erection of a conservatory. 49, Clover Lane Close.  For Mr Andrews.

Planning decisions received:  if any.

7.            County Councillors report.

8.            District Councillors report.

9.            Regeneration: Progress report.

10.        Playing field : Playground selection.  Insurance anomalies/football club agreement required.

11.        Allotment:  Group update. Rent to be fixed  for 2007.

12.        Sculptures:  Family group and Wave works. Ownership & insurance cover to be resolved.

13.        Correspondence:  summarised & listed separately.

14.        Accounts: Authorise payment of cheques presented.

 Bob Smith ( Clerk )                   2nd February 2007.

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