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 11TH JANUARY 2007.                                           Page 20/06

 A meeting of the above named Council, convened by the Chairman, was held in the Village Hall on Thursday 11th January 2007 at 19 00hrs.

Present : Chairman Clr Bannister, Clrs Hircock, Findlay, Hancock, Smith, Parsons & Day. District Clr Comber.

Apologies: Clrs Arthan, Venning & Brewer. County Clr Brown.

Public Participation: Penally Hill soil dump/car park/ traffic movements. Consultation/contractors notice boards not yet in place. Valency footpath very difficult access. Plastic windows in village number approx. 12 dwellings, planning consent obligation in conservation area ?. Inconsistent tree felling decisions.

20.01 Meeting dates for 2007 ( second Thursday in the month) Confirmed.

20.02 Sewage Action Group No news yet on enquiry hearings.

20.03 Minutes for 23rd November 2006 were approved.

20.04 Matters for report: Bus shelter – six names approving received, Clerk to reopen details & obtain updated quotes. Notice board for Post Office location is on order, delivery about six weeks. It will hold 12x A4 sheets. Procedure for moving a mail box was reported –no strong comments in favour, but several against. New BT phone will be sited in gateway building type still to be approved. Highways – clerk to notify change of dates.

20.05 Planning applications to be considered: 2006/02432 Temporary soil dump is linked to 2007/00001 Temporary Car Park( just received) Clerk to phone Simon King & request time for joint application meeting on 25th Jan.2007.

20.06 Planning decisions: as listed on the agenda. In future location will be given as well as number.

20.07 County Councillors report: None.

20.08 District Councillors report: Bowithick site will remain open for next three years on Saturday, Sunday plus two other days. Thanks for support please ensure tip is fully used. Local Govt. reorganisation implications now beginning to clarify – full time councillors will be required.

20.09 Regeneration: Nothing to report- lower bridge will be next discussion item.

20.10 Playing field: Boscastle AFC insurance Policy copies urgently required so that FMPC responsibility can be fully assessed.

20.11 Allotment: Plot holders group meeting needed urgently.

20.12 Correspondence: summarised and listed separately/

20.13 Accounts: were presented & cheques drawn after a proposal of acceptance by Clr Parsons, seconded by Clr Hircock, all in favour. Resolved.

 No further business , Chairman closed the meeting 2021hrs. Bob Smith ( Clerk ) Signed Chairman………………..

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