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MINUTES :  14TH  JUNE 2007.                                         Page 04/07
A meeting of the above named Council, convened by the Chairman, was held in Boscastle Village Hall on Thursday 14th June 2007 at 1900hrs.
Present: Vice-Chairman Clr Brewer, Clrs Findlay, Irving-Little, Day, Jarvis, Dawson, Rodda  & Arthan..
In Clr Bannister’s absence the chair was taken by Clr Brewer.
Apologies:  Clrs Bannister & Hancock  . District Clr Comber & County Clr Brown.

Election of Councillor Representatives: Put back until July meeting.

Public Participation: Overflow carpark concerns, materials, noise & layout proposals questioned. Dying trees to be investigated.  Lower bridge new planning application, time for appraisal required.  BT reluctance to provide temporary phone facilities will be voiced on Radio Cornwall.    Streetscape amended proposals meeting to be confirmed.
04.01   Sewage Action Group:  Discussions continue with SWWater on possible Treatment sites.  Previous Hillsborough objectors invited to comment on Tresuck/ (Trewanett 3) sites that have been suggested.

04.02   Minutes: for 10th May 2007 were approved.

04.03   Matters for report: Bus shelter to be considered by Traffic reps. Code of Conduct Training will be on 27th July 2007.all  councillors notified.

04.04   Planning Applications to be considered:

2007/00868  Melborne Cottage. Conversion of large house to 3 dwellings & formation of parking area. For Mr &Mrs R Haddy.  Clr Rodda proposed that as 3 dwellings constituted over development in the Conservation Area, the application should be amended to 2 dwellings only with consequent reduction in parking, access & tree/shrub removal. Seconded by Clr Dawson, five votes in favour, one vote against & two abstentions. Resolved.
2007/00851  6,Camelot View, Camelford Station. Erection of two storey extension for Miss S Kilbey. Clr Findlay proposed no objection, seconded by Clr Dawson, all in favour. Resolved.
2007/01003  Trevilla Pk. Bungalow, Slaughterbridge. Erection of extension & alterations for Mr J Coleman. Clr Findlay proposed no objection, seconded by Clr Irving-Little, all in favour. Resolved.

04.05    Response to CCC Unitary Authority proposals: Following discussion Clr Arthan proposed rejection of the proposals, seconded by Clr Jarvis, six votes in favour of rejection with two abstentions. Resolved.

04.06    Freedom of Information: Clerk to provide copies of Core Classes in July.

04.07    Electronic Communication:  tabled for next meeting.

04.08    Regeneration report: Clr Findlay  outlined details of carpark discussions, the initial streetscape ideas & the toilet block changes.

04.09    Litter outside shops: tabled for next meeting.

04.10    Traffic Plan : Awaiting input from Councillor representatives.

04.11    County Councillors report: None.

04.12    District Councillors report : None.
MINUTES : 14TH JUNE 2007.                                            Page 05/07

05.01   Playground/ Field report: Clr Findlay advised that the Playground was almost complete & awaiting ROSPA inspection. Ron Hart and himself would be authorised to train others for the purpose of daily/weekly inspections. Need to treat equipment with respect was emphasised. Opening ceremony to be arranged.
Date for School Sports Day is 12/7/07.
Chairman Clr Brewer lead a vote of thanks for all Clr Findlays efforts.
05.02   Allotment : installation of memorial plaque, adjacent to gateway, anticipated in next few weeks.
05.03   Correspondence: Camelford  T I C donation of £100 proposed by Clr Findlay, seconded by Clr Arthan , all in favour, Resolved.

05.04   Accounts: were presented & cheques drawn after a proposal by  Clr Jarvis,
seconded by Clr Findlay, all in favour Resolved.
No further business Chairman closed the meeting at 20 56hrs.
Bob Smith                                                 Signed Chairman…………

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