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25TH JANUARY 2007                                     Page 21/06

  A Planning meeting of the above named Council, convened by the Chairman, was held in the Village Hall on Thursday 25th January 2007 at 19 00hrs.

Present: Chairman Clr Bannister, Clrs Hircock, Findlay, Hancock, Smith, Parsons & Day.

Apologies: Clrs Arthan & Venning.

Public Participation: G King gave a brief resume of the Defra decision to refuse S W Water first Tintagel application for S T Works. Carillion view of the two Penally Hill applications was given with some points being disputed by residents. Traffic lights, congestion , historical wall damage, pedestrian difficulties & possible alternatives were all raised.

21.01 Planning applications to be considered:

 2007/00001 Temporary car park with new access from highway to be used in association with the construction of the Boscastle Flood Defence Scheme. Land at Penally Hill, for the Environment Agency. Clr Hancock declared a prejudicial interest & left the meeting. Clr Smith proposed refusal because of
 1. historic hedgerow destruction.
 2. Traffic gridlock &
 3. Unsafe pedestrian access. , seconded by Clr Hircock, 4 votes in favour of refusal 2 votes against. Resolved.

2006/02432 Temporary storage area for topsoil and other earth materials to be used in association with construction of the Boscastle Flood Defence Scheme, for the Environment Agency.( NB.Clr Hancock still outside the meeting) Clr Smith proposed refusal on the same grounds as the previous application, seconded by Clr Hircock 4 votes in favour of refusal with 2 abstentions. Resolved.

 No further business Chairman closed the meeting at 20.10 hrs.

 Bob Smith ( Clerk )                                   Signed Chairman…………

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