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NCDC appointed Atlantic Consultants to coordinate the Boscastle Regeneration plan. Part of their brief is the preparation of a questionnaire - (introduction document) to be circulated throughout PL35.  Regeneration Questionnaire Results            

Objective one Fundingsuccess for Boscastle gives green light to regeneration plans    more ...

  For final report from Environment Agency  go to    Regeneration Findings

Environment Agency & National Trust latest on river and valley flood defences 
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Boscastle Flood Defence scheme
Work planned

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Final Regeneration Programme 20-03-08

Old and new Lower Bridge Designs Click for more information    Design Options

Latest River work news
River works restarting Monday with work on gauging station  More Info

Boscastle Sewerage scheme

For information of sewage scheme click pdf's logo below

Adobe PDF   Trevalga STW phasing plan Sht 1

Adobe PDF   Trevalga STW phasing plan Sht 2

Adobe PDF   Trevalga STW phasing plan Sht 3

Adobe PDF   Trevalga STW phasing Schedule of Works 

Adobe PDF   BBT Liason Meeting Minutes No3

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  Boscastle Regeneration Steering Group

15 September 2004 North Cornwall District Council has written to a range of organisations (listed below) asking them to join a Steering Group to start planning for the renewal and regeneration of Boscastle. The idea is to co-ordinate the work of these various agencies and also to tap into any funding that might be available.
It is of prime importance that local residents are involved and consulted on this and that everyone knows what is going on. The first meeting of this group will take place on 24 September at the NCDC council offices in Wadebridge. We will arrange for a report of the meeting to be posted on notice boards around the village, on this site (see links below) or go to the NCDC website (www.ncdc.gov.uk). Please let us know if there are other ways you would like us to publicise what is going on so that we can ensure that no-one is left out of the loop.

Proposals for boscastle regeneration steering group

1. To bring together all the organisations and agencies who can contribute to the regeneration of
2. To oversee the preparation and implementation of a regeneration plan for Boscastle in
    conjunction with the local community.
Specific Responsibilities.

1. To help identify the issues which need to be addressed.
2. To develop a co-ordinated approach to the preparation of a regeneration plan.
3. To ensure the full involvement of the local community in the process leading to the completion of
    the plan.
4. To ensure the powers and resources of all the relevant agencies are used efficiently and
    effectively to deliver the regeneration plan.
5. To ensure that all sources of funding can be approached on the basis of a credible plan which
    carries the weight of all the relevant agencies.

Proposed Membership.

1.   Forrabury and Minster Parish Council
2.   NCDC
3.   Cornwall County Council
4.   Government Office for the South West
5.   South West RDA
6.   South West Tourism
7.   Business Link
8.   Environment Agency
9.   South West Water
10. National Trust
11. English Heritage
12. Objective 1 Office
13. Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Economic Forum

Preliminary List of Issues.

1. Regeneration of the business community
2. Future marketing
3. Renewal of the public realm
4. Future of the car park
5. Future provision of visitor facilities
6. Flood alleviation
7. Sewage treatment scheme


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