Heading Boscastle

North Cornwall District Council is bringing together representatives from the Boscastle community and public sector agencies to think about the best way to rebuild the area devastated by the flood. We wish to ensure that Boscastle retains the features that make it so distinctive for local residents and for visitors, whilst taking the opportunity to make improvements wherever possible.  

Cornwall District Council has appointed Atlantic Consultants to help it prepare a Framework Plan to provide a guide for rebuilding and reinstating the infrastructure around the harbour area. We would like to hear your views and a questionnaire is enclosed with this letter.  

The questionnaire asks your views on public facilities that need to be repaired or rebuilt as a result of the flood.  Although some emergency work is already underway, and businesses and residents are working on their own premises, there are many wider issues that need to be considered to make the most of the opportunity of bringing together different organisations and financial resources in the rebuilding process.  There are also some very practical points that will affect what can be achieved, including the geography of the area, the money available and the need to take account of any future flood risks.  We have to be realistic about what can be done.  

Forrabury and Minster Parish Council have participated in preparation of the questionnaire and some questions on wider regeneration issues of importance to the future of the village are included. 

The information you provide will be combined with information from organisations involved in rebuilding and reinstating Boscastle to help develop the Framework Plan. There will be an opportunity for you to discuss and comment on more detailed proposals once a draft Plan is prepared. This is likely to be in January.  

We would like to receive questionnaires from all members of your household and have included three questionnaire forms. The white questionnaires are for adults, and the yellow questionnaire is for anyone under the age of 16 to complete. If you need more questionnaires for your household members, there are further copies available at the Newsagent, Post Office and Bottreaux Garage. Please complete the questionnaire and return it in the Freepost envelope provided, or leave it in the labelled box in the Newsagent, Post Office or Bottreaux Garage at Boscastle, by 3rd December.

  Or click here to download Questionnaire PDF Logo pdf file

Yours sincerely 

David Brown

Chief Executive, North Cornwall District Council