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Tower photo gallery

Parkes Lees Architects Limited
4 Broad Street
PL15 8AD
George Climo and Sons
Trelake Ln
PL34 0EW

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Erecting Scaffolding
tower half dressed in scaffolding
Forrabury Church with scaffolding half up
Whoops vehicle precariously tilted after trying to move
Weight of scaffolding on lorry making it sink
tower hidden from view awaiting new birth
Inside tower showing roof & pointing

Removing old pointing and Gales destroying protection
Notice old roof joist sockets
Guys chiseling out pointing
Chiseling out pointing
Ripped covering high winds June
Flapping covering high winds June

Replacing of floor timbers and new pointing
Joists on main RSJ note lead capping
Joists being
fitted with
Lead capping
Rebuilt Pinnacle
The laborious job of re-pointing Note white colour, this is how it was originally
New joists supported by
two massive RSJs
Delivery of
joists and RSJs
Old joists with rotten ends
Floor access and old joist ends

Fitting new Lead to tower roof
Lead rolls waiting to be lifted into tower
Carrying Lead after lifting from ground by hoist
Inside tower Rendered walls, new hatch cover & Flagstaff anchor
New roof access
Detail of new copper hatch cover (Volunteers to clean)
Detail of copper hatch cover and Flagstaff support
Gutter outlet before removing old lead
Gutter outlet
Gutter outlet showing Lead
Gutter outlet into refurbished Hopper
Roof floor showing gutter and outlet
Fitter preparing lead for gully
New lead gully being laid
Gully showing use of copper nails
New lead being laid to roof
Lead rolls fitted to gully
New flag anchor ready for lead protection
Finished Flag anchor with completed lead capping

The long laborious pointing of walls and adding Lead flashing
More pointing the tower will be so white
Rebuilt and repointed pinnacles
Rebuilt Pinnacle
Builders pointing
Builders pointing
Builders pointing
Builders pointing
View of Belfry Louvre
Rebuilt pinnacle
Pinnacle showing location hole for weather vane
Old cement fillet to be replaced with lead
Finishing Lead flashing that replaces cement fillet
tower bell. History tells us some lost at sea

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