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Belfry floor
Rotten timbers taken from Belfry floor
Access through Belfry floor showing new timber
New RSJ replacing old rusted support to Belfry floor
Painted RSJ see also rotten timbers to Belfry floor
New access showing RSJ & rotten joist against wall
BBC Filming 'A Seaside Parish' as scafolding is removed
Removing scaffolding
removal of corragated temporary roof
Lifting off temporary corragated roof
Passing down corragated sheeting
Lowering down corragated sheeting
Refurbished weather vane and support
Handing down scafold boards notice company name
Refiting Flagpole
Final Photo showing the completed tower and to Commemorate the occasion Bishop of Truro, Bill Ind pulled the rope to unfurl the flag at a special thanksgiving service on Sunday November 7th.
Bishop of Truro Bill Ind unfurling the flag

Forrabury Church Flag Flies Again

Picture of  Yvonne & Rev John Ayling, Bishop Bill Ind, Brett & Rev Christine Musser

Left to right: Yvonne Ayling, Rev John Ayling, Bishop Bill Ind, Rev Christine Musser and Brett Musser,
photo courtesy
David Flower, Tintagel

Work on Forrabury Church Tower has now been completed. To commemorate the occasion, the Bishop of Truro, Bill Ind, pulled the rope to unfurl the flag on the tower at a special thanksgiving service on Sunday, November 7th..

Restoration of the tower cost £57,000; no grants were received towards the work, all the money was raised through fundraising activities.

Rev John Ayling, the previous vicar, had started the fundraising ball rolling under his ministry and succeeded in raising half the funds. The remaining sum has been raised since Rev Christine Musser's ministry.
John and Yvonne, who travelled from their new home in Leominster to attend the service, sent the following letter to the Blowhole.

We recently returned to Boscastle to be present when the flag was raised over the restored tower of Forrabury Church.
It was good to see the children raise their flags and a great joy to once again view the tower, with flag aloft, from above the village. Unfortunately we did not, on that occasion, meet many of you who made this restoration possible.
We would like to record our gratitude to all those who over a period of years, laboured in various ways to maintain the fabric of the church and raised money for its eventual restoration, as well as those who responded with remarkable generosity when the plight of the tower became more widely known. We hope that all of you, the anonymous contributors, will be as heartened and encouraged by the sight of the flag as we were.

We eagerly await forthcoming editions of the Blowhole, when we shall no doubt read of the restoration of homes and businesses and be able to offer prayers of thanks that your immediate ordeal is coming to an end.

When we were unable to 'fly the flag' your support kept our spirits aloft. We pray now that there will
soon be celebratory Cornish flags flying throughout the village. Our best wishes to you all,
 John and Yvonne Ayling

Boscastle Blowhole Winter 2004


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